Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Elephant Tales DVD Review

Now available on DVD from MGM Home Entertainment. This movie wasn't one of my favorites, I'll have to admit. What I did love about this movie was how it captured the attention of my children. Tyler is three and we have a hard time getting him to sit still. He's a busy body and he hops from one thing to the next very quickly. He watched this entire movie two nights in a row. He loved the live animals. There was no computer generated lip movement that made him question that the animals were real. This movie was filmed with live animals doing what they naturally do. There are voices added to their movements. He loved the chimp who claimed he was the king of the jungle while Shelby was partial to the lion cub. In this movie, two Elephant cubs lose their mother and the rest of their family to hunters. The older brother, Zef tells his younger brother Tutu that they were taken to the rainbow to protect him from learning the grim fate of his family. This sends them out on a journey to find the rainbow. Along the way they meet other orphans and find friendships in the most likely situations. The underlying meaning of family and togetherness in this film is heart warming. The movie would rate 2.5 stars out of 5 for me. It was good enough, but I had a hard time keeping my attention focused. I think that the kids would probably rate it closer to 5. If you have young children I think that they would enjoy it. This would be a good movie for your portable DVD collection for long drives indeed.

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storyteller said...

I'm not familiar with this one, but I have a friend who LOVES anything with elephants so I'll pass the word along. On another topic, can you explain how you get the 'Thanks for reading me in your feeds, please drop by to comment' in the reader without having it show up on your blog?
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