Sunday, November 16, 2008

Birthdays, Dates, and Adult Conversations!

Yesterday my neice Katie had a High School Musical birthday party. She'x not six just yet. She will turn 6 on Tuesday. She was an early birthday present for her Auntie Tisha 6 years ago, she was born the day before my birthday!!! The kiddos had a fun time eating pizza, cake, and playing games. I got to play my sister at air hockey. I always have fun doing that. She tries so hard, but sorry Mandy you'll never beat me!!!! Mwaaaahhhhaaa...the funny part is that she also played my daughter, Shelby and she didn't beat her either. Mandy is good at a lot of things, but air hockey is not one of them. heh heh heh

What I do love about my sister Mandy and her daughter Katie is that they Shelby (who will celebrate her sixth birthday on the 29th). Shelby loves them as well. They took her home with them yesterday so Shelby could help Katie break in all of her new toys. Tyler and little Emily Grace went home with my mother in law (who I could not survive without!).

Brien and I took this opportunity to have a date night. We went shopping for Shelby's birthday. We had a lovely time and ended the evening with a wonderful dinner where I enjoyed two yummy strawberry margaritas and wonderful adult conversation. I almost felt impelled to cut Brien's parmesean encrusted talapia for him, though since I had no children to tend to. It was a nice time for us, and I was glad to get a good night's sleep and get to sleep in a bit this morning as well.

How did you spend your Saturday and what about your Sunday?It's about time to go get the kiddos, so I had better get dressed and head out. Have a lovely day, everyone! See you tomorrow for Manic Monday where I just might break out into a story about talking watches.

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Akelamalu said...

I share Katie's birthday and Shelby shares my FIL's. It is also my Dad's birthday on the 20th.

Happy Birthday to Katie for Tuesday, Happy Birthday to you for Wednesday and to Shelby for the 29th! Hope you all have a wonderful time. :)

Crazy Working Mom said...

Thanks, Akelamalu. I'll pass along the well wishes. :)

Desert Songbird said...

We went out as a family on Saturday night: went to see Madagascar 2 and then went for barbecue at Famous Dave's. Yum!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Well, I hope you liked the movie, Dessert Songbird. I wanna see it so bad!

Cathy said...

Happy (early) Birthday to you for this coming Wednesday. I will be in NJ so I won't be able to visit your blog on that day.

We also have these fall Birthdays in Nov. Our Tanner was 2 on the 8th. Can you believe he is 2 already? It sounds like your little niece had a great day.

I had to laugh at you feeling like you should cut your husbands dinner up for him since you had no kids to do it for. I'm glad you and your husband got to spend some good time alone together.