Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's almost Christmas?!

Yes, you read that right. In case you were wondering there's 55 days until Christmas! That is a scary thought isn't it?! When you go into any retail store you can see the evident tell tale signs that it's time to start shopping. In this slumping economy, the earlier you start the better off you may be. I haven't started yet, but hopefully after Halloween I can begin the daunting task. Since we've added another name to Santa's list it will be much more fun this year. If you have a young daughter, niece, or grand daughter on your shopping list there is a perfect solution for you! My Little Pony, A Very Minty Christmas DVD would be a wonderfully delightful addition to your holiday DVD collection especially if you're tired of watching Frosty and Rudolph over and over every year? This DVD also comes with a My Little Pony figurine. I remember playing with My Little Ponies when I was a little girl an it's thrilling to watch my daughter do the same. My son loves horses as well and has been known to play with Shelby and her ponies!

They both loved this DVD. Minty the pony breaks the holiday beacon that tells Santa exactly where to find Ponyville on Christmas Eve. It looks like Ponyville is in for a bleak holiday with no gifts, but Minty is out to save Christmas and she goes as far as the North Pole to do so. It's a great holiday movie and may not be suitable for adults due to the sickeningly sweet content, but your kids will eat it up and the good thing is that it won't leave holes in their teeth! For more information on this and other Paramount Pictures, click on over.

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Callie Ann said...

that title scares me...Gads

Crazy Working Mom said...

Yes, Callie...I do agree!!!