Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Box Tops For Education Items

Shelby is collecting Box Tops For Education for her school. If you have any at your house and are willing to part with them, please e-mail me and let me know or leave me a comment here. Here are 13 items that contain these save and clip items:

1. Pull Ups training pants and most Huggies Diapers
2. Bisquick
3. Cheerios
4. Totinos Pizza Rolls
5. Ziploc Freezer Bags
6. Hamburger Helper
7. Old El Paso Taco Shells and Dinner Kits
8. Cottonelle Bath Tissue
9. Scott & Viva Paper Towels
10. Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
11. Most Yoplait Yogurts
12. Chex Mis
13. Fruit Roll Ups
*for a complete list you can click here

15 comments, add yours here:

storyteller said...

Hmmm ... I'd be happy to help you out, but I don't see anything on the list of 13 that I have. I'll check the extended list and let you know.
Hugs and blessings,

Lori said...

Hey you...How's life as the mother of 3? I will search for my shelves and let you know...Happy TT:)

Alice Audrey said...

My kids are collecting them too. The school is trying to get skateboards, which has all the kids very excited.

Amazing Gracie said...

I'll see what I can do - I do use Bisquick...
Good Luck!

Toni said...

We do box tops too! Happy t 13. Mine are up at a Daily Dose.
A Daily Dose of Toni
2 Boys 1 Princess

Sandra Carvalho said...

I'm afraid I'm too far to help you out on this one! :(

Akelamalu said...

Well we have Cheerios here but there's no promotion on them.

Halloween Doll Clothes Gal said...

I love your 13!! I'm going to start on mine.

Mo said...

Damn, I think I just threw some away --- will check.
LOVE ya,

Sanni said...

Sorry I can't help you here, my friend. I'd eat a ton Cheerios for Shelby to get the box tops if they were available in Germany. :-(

imadramamama said...

I have a feeling that I'll have to start collecting myself here in a little bit...

Pamela Kramer said...

We have the box tops program at our school here too. Great idea for sure! Happy TT.

Travis said...

Drat...we don't use any of those products. But good luck on the collection!

The Q Family said...

Also Betty Crocker baking box (like Muffin mix, brownie mix).. My kid's school also collects them as well.

Twisted Cinderella said...

What a good thing to be doing for your school I hope you get lots!