Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - My Week

Thirteen things that made my blood boil this week:

1. The stray cats (sorry to my cat loving friends) that we've so graciously fed for 8 months will NOT stay out of the house. Every time you open a door they dart in and we have to chase them out. It drives me nuts. We are looking for them a new place to live where they can stay inside all of the time. Our house is just not that place.

2. Oscar the weiner dog likes to run all over the neighborhood when he's supposed to be outside taking care of his business. This has nearly made me late twice this week trying to get him back in the house!

3. I spent three hours cleaning the bottom of the pool at the house only for it to storm two days later and it's full of debris again. Is it bad that I'm so anal about a crystal clear pool?! I need to do some research on an automatic cleaner that does the work for me! Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

4. Someone new some information that they weren't supposed to tell another someone and THEY DID. I called them out on it and they claimed they thought that the other party knew. *sigh* I can't reveal anymore info on it here...but soon!

5. Tyler got one of those fun noodles for the swimming pool. They each got to choose a toy for the pool and he chose this one dollar item! He left it outside on the groud and the dog chewed it to shreds! Grrr...

6. Gas prices.

7. The's been HOT here, and really it's not even HOT yet temperature wise. It's going to be a long, HOT pregnant summer. *sigh*

8. People who assume things. You know what they say about assuming don'tcha? You make an ass out of you and me!!!

9. I went through the drive through at Taco Bell. I had ordered a meal with a LARGE drink. I paid at one window and when I got to the pick up window the girl hands me a medium drink. I asked her if that was their large size. She confirmed that it was medium. I told her I ordered a large. She looked up and said, "well it says medium on the screen". I looked down at my receipt and said, "well I paid for a large". Then I hear another girl yell, "what does she want!". The girl told her, "A Large". So she grabbed the cup from her and poured it into a large cup and added some more to it and then sighed as she handed it to me. Good customer service is a thing of the past, my friends...a thing of the past!

10. My internet crapping out last night and I didn't get to drop any Entrecards or work on this post!

11. The guy that pulled out in front of me yesterday only to drive 10MPH and turn in the next drive less than a mile! I HATE that!!!

12. Watching television - you have to turn the volume WAY up to hear the program and then the commercials will blast you out of the room.

13. A 2.5 year old boy that seems to have taken up permanent residence in my bed. *sigh*

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baby~amore' said...

Great this list -
NOT happy about fuel prices here too and I have 2 almost 2yrs in my bed. Congratulations on your baby -hope the summer isn't too hot for you.
It;s winter here in Australia
my T13 is up
My Little Drummer boys

Laura said...

Drivers like that drive me CRAZY...of course there's a lot to drive me crazy! Hoping you can stay cool enough this summer!

Callie Ann said...

A cover for the pool. unfortunately it costs money and then I don't know about the wind thing. No your right you probably need an automatic pool cleaner. Oh all the crap in life we have to deal with.. ugh!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

yeah tish, THAT stuff!

smiles, bee

Desert Songbird said...

I know a 9yo boy who likes to camp in my bed, too. Sigh. His legs are really long, too.

Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE this list, although I know you don't!! The Taco Bell gal, the 10 mph driver,and the cats--I totally can relate!

And, yeah, the tv volume really ticks me off!!! (And I live in a house with a husband who has to turn it up loud, and I can't stand loud volume. LOL)

Siani said...

I'm so with you re: the excessive volume on TV commercials. Hate them! Happy TT!

Mo said...

1. Hope you find them a good home!
2. LOL @ Oscar. You need a movie of Tisha & The Weiner Dog loose in the neighborhood!
3. Two words, honey = Pool Boy.
4. Sorry, got distracted by the thought of a pool boy...
5. Yep, fun noodle made me think of the pool boy again.
6. Grrrr... between that and rotten tomatoes, you'd think there was nothing else for the media to report on!
7. HOT pool boy!
8. I assume you're not gonna let me borrow the pool boy.
9. Don't they have an 800 # right there by the drive-thru window at Taco Hell? I'd have whipped out my cell phone and ratted on LaRooda to corporate!
10. Damn crappy internet!
11. I think it was the pool boy on the way to my house! Sorry!
12. This really bothers me. They need to make remotes with a "half-mute" button just for commercials! Lots of times I push "mute" but then start blogging or something and forget that my show is back on!
13. Well, if it was a 25 year old pool boy, he could take up permanent residence in my bed...

Have a great evening!
love ya,

Alice Audrey said...

Gas prices are killing me. I'm afraid to fill the tank lest something happen to the investment.

Linda said...

Sounds like that chick at Taco Bell could get a job over at Gus' Pizzarama in Plainfield as she's got that whole rude thing down solid just like he did!

Toni said...

9, 11, 12 some of my big peeves!!!