Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Morning Funny

I got to sleep in a bit this morning. It was nice. I got up and made a cup of coffee and actually sat to drink it while watching the morning news. I checked my e-mail and approved a few Entrecard Ads (thanks!!). My hubby runs his own business and he had some paperwork (billing, bidding, etc) he needed to work on so he told his guys to take the day off so they get a four day weekend. I let the kiddos sleep in and he was going to take them to daycare when they all got out of bed. I got a call around 9:15 and was informed that I had forgot to leave him the car seats for the kids. I left work and took them to him. On the way home, there was a small turtle on the road and I stopped to pick it up. When I got to the house, the kids were outside. I grabbed the turtle, who by this time was completely encompassed in his shell. Tyler came over to me and I told him that I had something for him. He reached up to grab it and about that time realized that it was something that was alive. He quickly jerked his hand back. I explained to him that it was a turtle and he asked where it was. I sat it on the ground and told him that when they get scared they go into their shell. If you are quiet he will come out. So, Tyler watches him for a minute and we see the grass begin to move around him and Tyler sees a foot stick out. About that time he YELLS, "Mommy he's coming out!!!" Well, he was coming out.

Brien informed me that they wanted to go spend the day with Grandma instead of school. I thought she'd just LOVE it if the kids brought this new found family member to her house for the day. I went into the house and found a box that he could fit into with pretty high sides on it so that the little guy wouldn't get loose in Brien's truck. I put the little guy in the floor of the truck between each of the kids. As I buckled them into their seats, Tyler began to scream because the turtle was out of his shell and of course he was trying to crawl out of the box. You could hear his little claws against the cardboard box and by this time Shelby began to scream as well. I couldn't help but laugh. I calmed them by telling him that turtles couldn't scale walls and that he couldn't get out of the box but that he felt safe in there since he was out of his shell. So, they thought that was cool.
I thought by now that I would've had a phone call from my mother in law thanking me for my generosity, but it must've slipped her mind because she hasn't called yet. *wink* I'm sure when I pick the kiddos up this afternoon she will show her gratitue.

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Desert Songbird said...

I'm glad you got some sleep. I'm sure you MIL will find a way to "pay you back" for the reptile friend. *grin*

Lynne said...

Did you know that today is National Turtle Day? No, I'm not making that up! My daughter is completely obsessed with turtles and knows all there is to know. She helped her classmates celebrate the day today at school!
I think it was karma that you found that turtle! :-D

Roger said...

I think my computer is as slow as a turtle!

Carlo said...

Good Job! :)