Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Mist

When I was a teenager I worked at Sonic as a car hop. I've mentioned this previously in a meme or two. I had a really good friend that I worked with and one night we both had to be at work really early the next morning to open the store. She lived less than ten minutes from the store, and I lived quite far out of town in the country so she offered up her home to me to keep me from having to drive all the way home and back the next morning. We ended up just leaving my car at the store and I rode with her. I drove a wrecked Toyota Corolla and she drove a brand new, candy apple red mustang so this was a nobrainer! On the way home there was a white van in front of us. He was driving very slow and weaving back and forth. We were both agitated with this guy because he was clearly trying to annoy us. So, she sped up and got right on his bumper. He would slam on his breaks trying to get her to hit him. She tried to go around him and he cut her off. Finally he stopped in the middle of the road. He put his windowless white van in park and the driver's side door opened! I will never forget the fear that we both experienced. We looked at one another and I know that our eyes must've been bulging out of our heads! She quickly ran into the ditch to get around him. We sped away into the next neighborhood. I was never so happy to see her house. We ran in to her house and locked the doors. Then we went to her room and both talked about what might have happened if he saw where we went. What if he tries to break in sometime in the middle of the night and kill us!? I remember staring at the ceiling most of the night and the next day at work we were both exhausted due to the lack of sleep. I never saw that man again, but every time I see a white van, my heart skips a beat and I get a little worried!

Stephen King has a new movie called The Mist and I was reading the reviews and watching the trailers, my heart skipped a beat with fear because this movie looks very terrifying! A group of towns people are trapped in a grocery store by a strange mist. The group's survival is going to depend solely on their ability to work together as a group and pull together to ward off this unexplainable mist. Is this possible? Will human nature be their undoing and eventual downfall? Watch The Mist by Stephen King to find out. It's in theaters everywhere today!

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Barbara Doduk said...

I really want to see that movie The Mist. Thomas Jane is one of my favs and I usually enjoy King's movies.