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Thursday Thirteen #39

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Thirteen Superstitions I Find Laughable

1. Superstition also declares that if a moon is shining at the time of birth, the child will be a male; no moon at all indicates a girl.
Well, I for one think it'd be a little easier to tell this, maybe by I dunno...looking between their legs!

2. When a baby leaves its mother's room for the first time, it should be carried upstairs before it is carried downstairs, in order to ensure its success in the world.
And just what if there are no stairs!

3. It is unlucky to wash a baby's head for the first twelve months.
OMG...PLEASE no. I can't imagine that someone would not wash their kid's head for a year!!!

4. Washing a child's hand's before his first birthday will take away his riches and would live and die poor.

Okay, I gotta draw the line somewhere. Mine can't go for a DAY! Nuh-uh!

5. Children's first lost teeth are burned in order to prevent snaggle teeth from coming in.
We all know that the tooth fairy takes those!!!

6. Coral necklaces are worn to ensure easy teething.

I'm game if it helps quiet the screaming!

7. All locks in a house are unlocked at birthing to ensure an easy delivery.
Oh, so THAT'S what happened...I've got deadbolts!

8. If the finger or toe nails of an infant are cut previous to the age of 12 months, it will prove a thief in mature age.
Oh, yeah this will work well with #4. Imagine the dirt! Ugh!

9. Babies born at three, six, nine, or twelve o'clock are said to be exceptionally lucky. When they are grown up it is declared that they will be gifted with considerably more insight and ingenuity than the average person.
Hmmm...this one left me speechless, really!

10. If a child is born with teeth there is a superstition that it will become extremely selfish.
I'd say this baby was late if it was born with teeth!! Is this even possible?

11. For a child to be born with an open hand, however, is a sign of great generosity.

Do their hands ever close? *LOL*

12. For the child to cry at the christening is considered a fortunate sign, for people in the olden days thought that evil spirits were then leaving the baby's body.

It couldn't have anything to do with the water you just poured on their head, right?!

13. Children's first lost teeth are burned in order to prevent snaggle teeth from coming in.
Man, I'd be willing to bet that the tooth fairy would NOT go for this one. Do teeth burn?
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28 comments, add yours here:

maggie said...

Number 3. Not washing their hair. I read a book once as a teenager that was the main theme of this poor girls life. Her mother only let her bath a few times a year cause of her superstitions. It was so sad.

No Nonsense Girl said...

Superstitions are weird!!! LOL!!! That's a nice TT idea!

Mine's up, 13 things I'm grateful for...

Starrlight said...

Ok that tooth thing is just fricking weird!

Lori said... head washing or hand washing?? LOL...thats just wrong. Who came up with these things?? I wonder if they actually had kids that play in the mud...great list. It made me giggle...Happy TT my friend and thanks for stopping by.

Laura said...

LOL! What a hoot knowing what some will believe! Thanks for the laughs!

Sandra Ferguson said...

Crimney, if leaving the locks open during child birth would prevent pain . . . get out of my way, I'm swinging those babies wide open. Nope, forget that. I'm taking the doors off the hinges. That should make childbirth a snap.

Nicholas said...

Sooo.... a baby with a very dirty head = superstitious parents!

Mimi Lenox said...

Great idea for a TT post. Interesting stuff!

Candy said...

We have a lot of those. I was told by an elder relative, to keep my child's (& other future kids') umbilical cords and hang them by a window in our house to ensure that my kids would all grow up close & bonded. :o)

everydayhealy said...

Ha! You really should laugh. I am laughing too. That's really superstitions.

Anyway, support this

Wolfie said...

Goodness..the things some people believe can be so unbelievable..

palmtreefanatic said...

hehehe what a good list!
Happy TT!

Odat said...

Very funny!!! Actually I don't think I've heard any of these...

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

they sound like podunk superstitions! those mountain folks sure do have some strange beliefs and they really do believe them too!!

smiles, bee

Cheryl Wray said...

LOL!! I don't think I've actually hear of any of those though!!!

I generally am not suspicious, unless when it comes to sports. If my team wins when I am wearing a certain outfit, I wear it again the next time!! Delaney is the same way with her softball team.If theywin in a certain dugout, they want to play in that dugout again. Pretty funny!

Great post idea!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Yikes, those are weird! I can't imagine not washing my baby's head or hands for the first year - or not cutting their nails, talk about scratching! Ouch!

Are #5 and #13 supposed to be the same?

Matt-Man said...

Another superstition. If a child plays with toys made in China, he or she will get lead poisoining. Okay maybe that has some truth to it. Cheers!!

Mags said...

If there are no stairs you are to run in place for 10 minutes.

And I love the description, "Snaggle teeth". I've used it for years and it makes me smile each time, even though teeth are important to me.

katherine. said...

I didn't read all the comments...but my Gramma said not to cut the fingernails too...she said to nibble them off myself. (I wonder if because in her day they didn't have nail clippers that wouldn't catch the baby's skin....??????)

Thorne said...

LOL. cute. But you're one short. 5 and 13 are the same.... LOL

Linda said...

"Washing a child's hand's before his first birthday will take away his riches and would live and die poor." ... so that explains it then! Apparently my hands were washed way too often!!

Denise Patrick said...

First off - #5 and #13 are the same. But, #10 - child born with teeth - is entirely possible. In fact, I think they say Napoleon was born with a tooth (and look how he turned out); so was Elizabeth, Empress of Austria, and many say she was very selfish as well. So. . . .

Happy TT!

tegdirb92 said...

interesting--I've never heard any of those. Have a great Thursday.

Thea said...

Can you imagine the looks you would get carrying around a greasy, long haired, dirty finger-nailed, snaggle tooth baby?? I think I'd take my chances.

Damozel said...

Those are fascinating. I can imagine how some of them arose, but they really are as weird as represented.

Amazing Gracie said...

What did those old wives know, anyway! There's a definite lack of sanitation there. Ick. I hadn't heard of most of those either!
Oh by the way, did you know #5 and #13 are the same? Don't hit me, I'm kidding...

AZ said...

Hi! This is my first visit! About baby being born with teeth... when I was young I used to have a recurring dream about giving birth to a baby, and when the doctor held the baby up so I could see it, the baby smiled an evil smile and it had a mouth full of teeth. Scared the beejabbers out of me!

Siani said...

Some of those superstitions are really funny. Imagine if people still followed them? We'd have lots of stinky babies with desperately overgrown finger and toe nails!