Sunday, October 07, 2007


I was tagged by Reba from Reba's Run to tell you 8 things about me. I've done this one so many times I don't know if there are 8 things left to tell you...but I figure I had better do so because I do NOT want to get on the bad side of a Rottweiler! So, here goes...and thanks for the tag Reba. I'm choosing to do 8 things going on today!

  1. The kids were up at 7 A.M. this morning wanting to go outside and check on the kitty.
  2. I've almost got all the laundry finished!
  3. I need to work on my MM post, but I don't have any idea what I will use for this week's theme.
  4. Shelby is crying because she has a scratch on her hand. She wants a band aid for it. I can't even see the scratch.
  5. The gray kitten was back outside this morning. I fed it, but it would not get close to me. I didn't tell the kids it was out there.
  6. I put a put of white beans on for dinner and they are smellin' yummy already!
  7. I want to have some more cake for Bubba's Sis' birthday!
  8. I only have one more week of work 'till my vacation. I am so excited and I can not wait to take Shelby on her first plane ride. I am excited to meet Annabelle and see my B/F/F Becca.
I am leaving this as an open tag if you want to do this one just leave a comment and I'll link you. :)

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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i think i need a band aid too. i might have a scratch later. k?

smiles, bee

Mimi Lenox said...

Waking up at 7am because kids want to pet the kitty...America should all be so people and wonderful.
Just kiss the boo-boo. No bandaid needed.

Stella said...

I am convinced that the laundry is never done unless you are walking around, and everyone else in your household too, completely naked!