Sunday, October 07, 2007

Energy Crisis

I tell ya what, this has been a year of crazy weather here in central Arkansas, USA. It seems like the summers are getting hotter and hotter every year and lasting longer and longer. In fact, yesterday was the sixth day of October and it was 90°. Can you believe that? That is crazy hot for October. I bought the kids some Halloween costumes last night and I got Tyler one that was long sleeved. (He's going to be a vampire.) Then I realized that it might still be HOT by the time Halloween rolls around. I sure hope not, but with this weather you just never know. Maybe I should have a back up "summer" costume lined up just in case.

I was watching a video on climate change over at and it was very compelling. They discussed the latest developments in climate change negotiation and greenhouse gas reductions. They also looked at the economic and political forces that will affect the issue now and in the future. If we don't do something now, I fear what the future holds for my grandchildren, or even my children! We have to find ways to change the way we are using our natural resources. We have to change our lives for the future, or I fear that there just may not be one...a future, that is.

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