Thursday, October 25, 2007

Spock Searching

I don't have a lot of spare time as most of you know. I work a full time job, I have two children under five a husband and two kittens. My days are usually jam packed full. When I do get a minute or two to myself and I'm not blogging I love to people search. It's fun to look for friends that I went to high school with or people that I haven't seen in a while. I've even been known to type in my own name and see what I can find. Thankfully there's not much around of me, WHEW!

There is a new search engine that is dedicated to searching for people! What could be better? With places like Facebook, Myspace, and Blogger we're really reconnecting with people that we haven't been in contact with for years. This new search engine, Spock is different from Facebook and Myspace in that it is NOT a social network. It's a people search application. Spock organizes web content about people into easily understood search results. The major thing that makes Spock different from most search engines is that users contribute information to help enhance the Spock search experience. Members can add tags, pictures, and web links or vote on information already contributed by other users to increase its relevance.

I got off work a little early today and I watched a bit of The Ellen Show. She is one of my favorite celebrities. I found out quite a bit of information on Ellen DeGeneres just by typing in her name. I now know that Ellen was born January 26, 1958 which means that she will be celebrating her 50th birthday in January. Her middle name is also Lee. She's dating a beautiful blond named Portia de Rossi.

Overall I was pretty impressed with this people search engine. I would recommend using it next time you have some spare surfing time!

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