Monday, October 08, 2007

*Sigh* It's Over, Thank GOD!

Today was the mother of all horrible Mondays. Is it a full moon, because people were sure acting like it. I had the dumbest people come out of the hills today y'all. They were horribly stupid and incredibly rude! In fact one lady was so dumb that she said that I was rude to her and still spent $800 with me (HELLO, I make commission). She complained to one of my co-workers that I was rude to her when he helped her with some things to her car. She said she was going to call and complain to the manager today. My co-worker called the boss and gave him the heads up and told him that I was not rude, the lady was just stupid! It was just down hill from there. It was just a horrible day. I'm glad it's over and tomorrow is a new day. God, I hope it's better!!!

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Rebecca said...

The customer sounds like a big pain. I'm glad you made it through.

Travis said...

And the number one reason I don't work in retail? You just said it baby!

kristi said...

Hi! I just found your blog..I'll be reading. I do customer service too and I have some nutcases!!