Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gossip Girl

There is a new show on the CW network. It is a show that I know all of my readers can relate to. It's about blogging. Gossip Girl is based on the lives of socialite young adults growing up on New York's Upper East Side. They deal with the normal pressures of teen living, drugs, sex, all while climbing the social ladder. The series is narrated (similar to one of my favorites Desperate Housewives) by The series is narrated by "Gossip Girl", voiced by Kristen Bell. This "Gossip Girl" runs a website blogging about her fellow Upper East Siders and stirs the pot, feeding potential rivalries in an exclusive vicious circle of friends. This show is created by John Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. John is one of the creators of the OC which we all know is a hot, yet controversial show. Gossip Girl on The CW proves to be a hit for sure.

I know that there are a lot of bloggers out there who use their blogs as forums for different things. Some, like me use it mainly as an online journal and a place to post thing that I find funny or amusing. Some people use them as political or religious forums, to spread the word they believe in. Some people use them as growth journals for their children. There are cat blogs and dog blogs. There are, unfortunately people out there who blog for gossip. This show is not that far off base because some people like to spread "gossip" about other and stir the pot just like the narrating character in Gossip Girl. I try to steer clear of these "gossip" girls or guys and stay positive. Although sometimes it can be difficult.

If you haven't watched the Gossip Girl, check it out tonight on the CW Network, check your local guide for times.

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Kai said...

Thanks for the reminder - I keep missing it! I watched the first one and thought it was pretty interesting, but I can't get the Mountie to watch it with me!! hehe

D... said...

I've been dvring the show and finally watched the first one last night. I'll keep recording it! It kept my interest. :)

Linda said...

Ya know, I keep seeing this one over at PPP and just can't bring myself to do it even though it's a decent payer. You did a great job with it, though!