Sunday, September 09, 2007

What are YOU searching for?

I love to check my stats and find out who's been here, how long they stayed, where they live, how much money they have in their bank accounts, (okay, so I'm not that good) but you can get a lot of interesting information from your stat counter. This month, I found several different ways that people came to my sight through search engines. I found them to be quite interesting, so I thought I'd share:

What's Your Name- I was the number one google choice in this search! Whoo hoo.

Smile Clip Art- I don't know if they found clip art, but they might've found an award that says I make people smile. (Your smile que!)

Peanut Butter Chicket - I think they might've meant peanut butter chicken, but it lead them to a pretty funny can read it here

Happy Birthday Wishes- Whew, I've had a lotta those lately!

Clip Art Pile of Poop- I don't even wanna know!

Working Mom Image- Well, I bet they got what they bargained for when they clicked here didn't they?!

Crazy Interesting Fact of the Day- Today's would be that someone searched for clip art pile of poop...AND it brought them to me!!

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Linda said...

I love looking through my stat counter to see what strange searches have brought people to my blog. Lately there have been a pile of them looking for Gerard and LynZ so they definitely came to the right place - matter of fact on this past Thursday I had 310 page views - the most I've ever had. I need to write about rock stars getting married more often!!

As far as searching for piles of poop go - they may stay on your page!