Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Life Planning

My husband turned 30 last month. I will turn 30 in November. We have two small children who are four and two. The last thing we think about on a daily basis is death. Whether it be ourselves or our children. But, the sad truth is that more often than not people just like us are struck with tragedy in their lives and they are unprepared. It could happen in the blink of an eye. One miscalculated
swerve on the highway, injury on the job, or any sort of accident could leave myself or my husband incapacitated. If you are unprepared in times like that, it makes decision making much more difficult. I understand that it can be a frightening thing to discuss or think about. But, it's much better to be prepared for the worst and it never come than to not be prepared and it does come! If I became incapacitated, I would definitely want my husband to have conservatorship
over me. I feel like he loves me and he would make the decisions he knew best for not only me but our children and our family as well. I hope that it never comes to this but if it did. We would not be prepared. Morris, Hall & Kinghorn is an Arizona law firm that specializes in estate planning services and programs. For over 30 years, the attorneys at Morris, Hall & Kinghorn have helped thousands of people concerned about protecting their families from the devastating legal effects of disability and death. Please get the details needed for you to begin your life planning today so that you aren't put in a situation where you are having to make decisions by yourself that would've been much easier with someone else!

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