Sunday, May 20, 2007


Tyler is a year and a half (21 months to be exact). He is really begining to speak more clearly now. Sometimes the things he says are just too funny. When he realizes that he can say something he repeats it lots. Some of the cute things he says are:
"Spidey" for Spiderman
"Mater" (from Cars) only he says it with a real southern drawl. It's too funny.
"I cool" for I'm cool
"cocks" for Crocks (the shoes)
"Codie" for his cousin Dakota
"Tyler's" for anything that he thinks he sould have
"eat eat" when he's hungy
"Huh" which he says repeatedly when you are speaking to him.
This morning while we were eating breakfast, he said what sounded like "eat boogers" to his daddy. We all laughed uncontrollably for a while over that one.
(Dad had made breakfast)

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Titania Starlight said...

What a sweetie! And those blue eyes! He is just precious. :o)

Comedy + said...

What an adorable young man.