Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pool Pictures

No, he didn't pee...he lost his gum!

They could not wait!!! They had to test the was COLD!

This is what it looked like this morning...*SIGH*

We've got a long ways to go thanks to my kinked hose last night. :(

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Linda said...

I hope you've ever got a deep well or a cheap water utility! It will be well worth it, though!

Crazy Working Mom said...

We've got neither, Linda. But, hopefully it will be worth it. I think we'll get lots of fun and enjoyment out of it. I remember having a pool when I was a kid and it was lots of fun for many years!!!

Heart of Rachel said...

Wow, that's a huge pool. I'd love to have one like that too. Cool!

Morgen said...

So, did he find his gum???