Sunday, May 27, 2007

Family Fun Saturday

We got up early yesterday morning and headed out the door with not much of an agenda. It was a fun day and something we don't do often. We have really became quite home bodies on the weekend and have decided that we don't need to do that b/c our children will only be small once and they will grow up and move away leaving us wishing that we'd done more with them. But, I'll have to admit that having one that's almost two keeps us from doing things b/c I think to myself that I don't want to have to worry about him. Anyhow, we went to a flea market. It's huge, and it seems like it's almost doubled in size since last time I had gone. Shelby was crying b/c she was hot and tired after we'd only been there a bit. We found a gal who had a cheap stroller ($2) and bought it. She rode in it, but then we created another problem...NO not that Tyler wanted to ride, but that he wanted to push her and she was too heavy, PLUS we were on gravel, dirt, and really uhstable ground. So, therefor he'd get mad b/c he couldn't make her move. Then we would try to help him and he'd get mad b/c he didn't want any help! It was quite a site. Anyhow, we left there in search of a large 2 seater stroller because we'll be going on vacation (sort of) next month for my family reunion and we'll be staying in a historic town, Hot Springs, Arkansas that would involve lots of walking to tour. So, we figured if we got a good stroller (one of those with bicycle type tires) we'd be better off. We went to Wal-Mart and they didn't have any. Although somehow we did manage to spend $79! *LOL* We left there and went to my favorite place, Academy Sports. They have the largest shoe store in the state of Arkansas! It is so totally my favorite place to shop. They have just about everything under the sun in there, with the exception of strollers (which I was sure they had *wink wink*). I did get a really cute pair of sandals. I also managed to finally break my husband. I've been working him all year to buy a swimming pool (for the kids). Well, he finally broke down. He got a MONSTER of a pool. It's one of those that you inflate the top ring and just let 'er fill. The ring will float as the pool fills. I don't know how many gallons that thing holds, but we started filling it at about 7 last night and it's STILL filling!!! Stupid me pulled the hose a bit last night 'casue I didn't want it to flop out and I guess when I did I put a kink in it so it bearly trickled out last night. :( Grrr...
Anyhow, we're looking forward to a lot of fun in it this year. Since Tyler's 2nd birthday is in August and we have a big 'ole swimming pool (18x48) I think it's only fair to have a "swimming party" for his birthday! It's going to be great fun. I am still lost on a theme, though?! Any ideas?

Well, my coffee's done...I'm up all alone, so I'd better get me a cup before the kiddos wake up. Hope ya'll have a great Sunday!

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Linda said...

And the search for the stroller continues? At least you got some nice sandals and a pool out of the trip! Have fun in it this summer, I bet the kids will just love it.

rebecca said...

WHEW! You make me tired just reading your blog post! I remember the days when we had kids all through the house. And YES! The pool is a great idea!

Your trip to Hot Springs will be fun for the whole family.

You might look here for your stroller.

Recently geographer Warren Bland named Hot Springs, Ark. the No. 1 place in America to retire.

I gotta admit, Hot Springs is a pretty cool place to live, even for those of us who aren't yet retired.

Rebecca McCormick,
Travel writer, Hot Springs Village Voice
and Gannett News Service
Feature writer, Hot Springs Life & Home

Crazy Working Mom said...

Thanks, Rebecca for all of the great info. Burlington was actually where we were headed after Academy that is until we got a pool. Once we had it in tow, we didn't want to leave it in the back of the truck while we went into another store. So, we headed back. I plan on going back to Burlington before our trip to Hot Springs. :)
We'll get one then.

Claire said...

That is a monster of a pool!
My nephews are the same, they want to come everywhere and then they get tired. Then i have to carry one of them, normally strangling me as i give them a piggy back!

What about a bouncy castle swimming party! that would really tire them out :) and you don't have to entertain them at all apart from music and a bubble machine.

Morgen said...

How about a Pirate theme for the party?

Or a luau. You can usually find the luau stuff in party stores!
Just make sure no one pokes a little drink umbrella into the pool!