Thursday, March 08, 2007

That's Me!

Hubby decided tonight that he wanted to eat out. I was a fan of this because it meant that I didn't have to cook or clean up afterward! We chose Chinese buffet. I love to eat their sushi and it's quick and easy to get in and out with the kids. Our little one is just at that age where he does not like to sit still, even at home. He will sit in a high chair for a bit and then he is ready to move on to bigger and better adventures. Tonight he decided that he was not happy with the fact that I would not let him stand up and throw food at passers by or swing from the light fixtures. At first he stiffened himself as straight as a board so that I could not bend him back down into the high chair that he was sitting into. When I finally got him back into his seat, he immediately stood up again! I tell you what, this one really tests my patience. By this time, he was screaming at the top of his lungs. He was also reaching for food and throwing it over my head. I could feel the eyes piercing me from all over the room. People were saying the same thing that I said before I had kids to their dining partner, "They should not let that little monster outta the house, they probably never discipline him!" I finally got him to calm down and more importantly SIT down and he finished his meal with no further outbursts. There were two older couples sitting very closely beside us. When my husband was up getting himself some dessert, one of the ladys leaned over to me and said that my children were very well behaved. I almost fell in the floor laughing so hard! MY GOD woman, if this is well behaved, I DO NOT want a problem child. She said that he was just a baby and that's what they do. He was just testing me. She said that she has been in the same situations before with her children and she understands how frustrating it can be. I apologized to her for interrupting their meal and she said that they have grandchildren of the same age and she eats out with them all of the time, "Kids will be kids" she went on to say. Whadda night out. All I can say is that I am paying for my husband's raising. I was a good kid...WHAT!? I WAS!!!

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Cathy said...

Don't ya love it when they do that straightening themself stiff bit? Mine also did that when they were little and now my grandkids do it. I keep wondering how long it will be before Tanner learns that trick.

That was a sweet little lady who said that to you. She was right you know? Thats what kids do!

Roger said...

haha great story.. and I am sure you were a good kid;D