Thursday, March 08, 2007

My 11th Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen 1st Grade Proverbs:

1.Don't bite the hand that looks dirty.
2.You can't teach an old dog new math.
3.If you lie down with dogs, you'll stink in the morning.
4.A penny saved is not much.
5.Two's company, three's the Musketeers.
6.Don't put off till tomorrow what you put on to go to bed.
7.Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and you have to blow your nose.
8.Children should be seen and not spanked or grounded.
9.If at first you don't succeed get new batteries.
10.Better late than pregnant.
11.Where there's smoke there's pollution.
12.A miss is as good as a Mr.
13.It's always darkest before Daylight Saving Time.
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The GateKeeper said...

Okay, that has to be one of the funniest TT lists. Thanks for the giggles.

~*Kelli*~ said...

I did this with my students once. Just priceless! Very cute!

katherine. said...

I love 8 and 12.

Gotta wonder how in first grade they came up with 10? smile


Those were wonderful...Makes me really miss "Kids Say the Funniest Things." Who needs comedians with kids around?

Miscellaneous-Mum said...

Good list!

Thx for visiting me! :)

Miscellaneous-Mum said...

Good list!

Thx for visiting me! :)

Miscellaneous-Mum said...

oops...sorry about that

Raggedy said...

Fabulous! What a joy to read!
I am smiling.
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Caylynn said...

LOL! :D That's a great list! Out of the mouths of babes. ;) Thanks for the laughs!

Happy T13. :)

Anonymous said...

Great list! It actually applies to our middle school students also!

Thanks for visiting me!

Tisha! said...

ha ha "better late than pregnant" muy comico!

Jane said...

Loved it. Children are hysterical.
Thanks for coming by my T13.

gabriella hewitt said...

ROFL! This is too funny. Thank you and your first graders for making me laugh. You almost don't want to correct them since what they come up with is so much cuter.

Happy TT Day. My #9 is up.

Skittles said...

#'s 7, 8, 10!!! LOL

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

Fantabulous List!!!

Rebecca said...

Too funny.

Linda said...

Those are too funny! I love them all!

Lazy Daisy said...

Your list should come with a warning: "Do not read list while drinking hot coffee....may cause painful erutions on keyboard or snorting coffee through the nose!"

Becky L said...


"better late than pregnant"

Josh said...

These are absolutely great! Thank you for sharing them!

Abigail S said...

I should try something like this w/ my students! Kids say the best things!

Loved #1. So true!

Stacie said...

LOL...I laughed out loud at these. Too funny. Great list. I played too.

Jenny Ryan said...

Oh, those are really funny-thanks!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

very funny indeed!! i did not do a tt this week, will be back next week for sure!

smiles, bee

Neila said...

Those are great!! I love #10 and 12!!

Sunflower said...

Learn them from your son?

I will Exercise for Comments!

Robin said...

Those are a riot!

Sophisticated Writer said...

Thanks for the laughs and for dropping by :)