Friday, March 09, 2007

The price of sleep

This, my friends is "The Most Exclusive Bed in the World". This Sweedish made mattress, The Vividus is built up by layers of horsehair and cotton and wool. It is sewn together to keep the shape for many years to come. The overlay mattress is made of hand flailed horsehair and sewn together with a sturdy stitch. That means no seam locks with another and the mattress is pliable and soft. The fabric is reinforced and double quilted.The central-section sprung mattress contains an 18 centimeter spiral springs that bears the weight of your body individually.
The frame is built in finest-quality solid pine and the legs are made in beautifully oiled oak. Every single Vividus is signed with the name of the owner and the name of Hästens master craftsman Jan-Erik Leander. The Vividus bottom-section springs are put in place one by one, by hand. The price tag on this beautiy, a whopping $50,000! What would YOU pay for a good night's sleep?

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Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

A big fat NO to that one!


Kara said...

No thanks! Sleep's not worth that much $$$ to me!

Roger said...

there going to be riot from women missing out on hair extensions because of that