Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things Tisha Loves About Christmas

1. The excitement of my children.
2. Getting great gifts.
3. Giving great gifts.
4. Waking up on Christmas morning.
5. Decorating the Christmas tree.
6. Decorating the house.
7. All of the delicious treats.
8. Time with my family.
9. Shopping for special gifts for special people.
10. Warm cozy fires
11. Warm snuggly robes
12. Hot chocolate & Egg Nogg
13. Peace on earth, goodwill toward men. : )

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7 comments, add yours here:

Terri said...

Everything in your lists sounds great. Enjoy this special special season.

Jenn said...

you made me want a robe!!! maybe Santa??? great 13!

Carrie said...

yes to all of these! but i need a new #11!

amy said...

Its just a wonderful time, isnt it? thanks for sharing the list with us

Skittles said...

Nice to see someone admit they like getting gifts, too :)

Mike said...

A good list. I'm getting to all the blogs I miss during the week. Work just leaves me so tired lol. Happy TT.

Debby said...

Ah, yes, the cozy fire and Peace on Earth. Merry Christmas.