Monday, November 06, 2006

The CMAs

I'm watching the 40th annual Country Music Awards with my family. Being from the South, I'm really proud to be a fan of Country Music.
It was great to see THE man, George Straight finally get inducted into the Hall Of Fame! : )
Carrie Underwood was honored with Female Entertainer of the Year!! You go girl! I am so proud of her. It is great to see her doing so well. I rooted for her on American Idol.

Kenny Chesney walked proud with the highest honor of the night...Entertainer of the Year, while Keith Urban was CMA's Male Vocalist of the Year.

My favorite performers of the night were

Martina McBride who sang a new song that I really liked

Rascal Flatts, did an awesome job as always. They are awesome!!!

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starbender said...

Hey- I saw some of this tonight! It was great! I'm a 'lil bit country, but mainly Rock-n-Roll!
' ]

Barb said...

GASP!!! I missed it!!! Thanks for filling us in on what happened. I love Rascal Flatts, too :)

Mike said...

Yes, thanks for filling us in. I wanted to watch it but forgot lol.

Tisha said...

It was a pretty good show. I was tickled to see George Straight finally inducted into the Hall of Fame. : )
He had to put on his glasses to read his list of people to thank. ; ) It was cute.

David said...

Did you see Faith's reaction when she didn't win?

Tisha said...

David, I did!
All I can say is...Priceless!

Carrie Underwood rocks. Faith Hill is washed up. I liked her before she married Tim, back when she used to be country.