Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Forty-Second Week In Your Baby's Development

Tyler is no doubt giving you plenty of exercise! He's constantly on the go and discovering new and faster ways to move. Now that he's crawling, maybe cruising and perhaps even standing for a moment or two without holding onto anything, he may be close to taking his first wobbly, unassisted steps. As time goes on, he will build confidence and will stand on his own for longer periods of time. The more time he has to practice using his legs, the stronger and more coordinated he will be. Tyler's memory is improving steadily. He's mastering the concept of object permanence and can form mental images of familiar objects when they're out of sight. He may remember a favorite toy even after it's been carefully put away (and cry for it). Although it may take several weeks, or even months, for this concept to completely set in, you'll notice separation anxiety lessen as he realizes that you continue to exist when you have left and that you'll soon return. Whew...glad we got rid of the paci when we did!!

As Tyler becomes more mobile and independent, you may notice that he has a renewed appreciation for cuddling on your lap while you read a book or two at the end of the day.
His Daddy & Big Sis taught hom how to give eskimo kisses and he loves to do that. It is the cutest thing to watch!
He is still your little baby and needs comforting and security after a day of exploring and playing. He is also taking a greater interest in the book's pages, and may stare at the images, babble to them, and try to touch them. He will love to help turn the pages too. Remember, the more sounds and words he hears, the more easily he will develop his own vocabulary. Take time out each day for this wonderfully educational ritual. I got a cute pic last night of him and sister reading books. I'll have to get it uploaded to my computer so I can post it.

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