Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Elf on a Shelf Adventures

Yesterday was Shelby's 9th Birthday.  The elves perched themselves on her new lamp beside the basket of candy (pictured in the post below) with one of her birthday cards.  Apparently they wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday.  Funny thing is that Simon Peter snatched one of Shelby's Twix bars from her basket!  He's always the sneaky one!
Apparently Simon-Peter and Noel like to go Horse Back Riding!  We found them riding Tyler's plastic horses on the end table.  I wonder if they rode them into the living room overnight.  I never heard any hooves in the night.  Maybe they sprinkled some magic flying dust on them and flew them in there from Tyler's room?
We are always finding Simon-Peter in strange places, usually hanging upside down or really high. He's very acrobatic. He's hanging upside down from a candy cane on the Christmas tree while Noel enjoys some tunes on Shelby's Ipod ornament!

Yesterday morning we found the elves under the Christmas Tree playing cards.  It seems that they were enjoying a game of Go Fish perhaps.  So, little Emily decided that she was going to join them.  Priceless!!! 

If you've never heard of the Elf on a Shelf, you can read about how we acquired Simon-Peter HERE and Noel came along three days later after Simon Peter returned to us with many bandages covering his poor little body.  Read all about it in THIS POST. Stay tuned for more adventures with Simon-Peter and Noel, our Elves on a Shelf!! 

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moody Mom said...

too funny! Great photos!