Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Shelby!!

Today is Shelby's 9th birthday!  Since her birthday party was held Friday night, she has already been showered with gifts, but this morning in order to make her day special, I gave her a candy basket and will be joining her for lunch today.  She chose to eat McDonald's (?!?!) for lunch. 

Since her brother has gotten new bicycles for the last few birthdays, Shelby finally decided she wanted to learn how to ride.  Her brother (who is 3 years younger) taught her!  She had been tipped off that her "big gift" was not going to be given to her at the birthday party, rather on her birthday!  (Note to self:  don't take the 3 year old shopping for birthday gifts!!!)  So, she was excited to wake up to her brand new bicycle this morning!  She loves it.  Hopefully the weather will permit she and Tyler to ride this afternoon after school. 
Shelby and Katie shared their 9th birthday parties, as they have in the past, because their birthdays are only 11 days apart.  They had a fun filled Friday evening with friends and family (try saying that 3 times real fast!!)  The girls chose strawberry cakes for their party.  Shelby's strawberry was not chocolate dipped and her cake was strawberry flavored with cream cheese frosting.  Katie's chocolate dipped strawberry cake was chocolate cake with chocolate icing in between the layers!  They were both scrumdiddlyumptious!  Thanks, as always to Martha, my fabulous Mother In Law for making the cakes. 

Happy Birthday to my sweet Shelby and I pray that you have many more blessed days ahead!  I love you.

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Becca said...

What a cute bike and what a great mom. I love their cakes too. Happy Birthday, Shelby!

Moody Mom said...

LOve the cakes!