Friday, April 13, 2012

Our Garden

Hubby decided that he wanted to plant a garden in a spot at the end of the house. There were some flowering bushes there when we moved in, but we cut them out and there has just been a void there for many years. We decided that this year we wanted to take advantage of this spot and plant a small vegetable garden.

The workers were plenty as the clearing began in the future garden.  The kids were super excited to help cultivate the soil in preparation for the new spot.  Tyler was saving some worms in case he talked Dad into going fishing afterward! 
Even Shelby was excited to get a little dirt under her fingernails.
Emily was prepared with her rain boots on! 
There you have it, the finished product.  There are tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, okra, red bell pepper, and cantaloupe.  We're excited to see how they all turn out.  Brien got this soaker hose that you hook up to your water hose and it lets the water slowly seep out.  I've never used one before.  Tonight we just watered it normally, but that soaker hose will be nice when the weather gets toasty!

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