Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Recap in Pictures

The view during sunrise service. 
This year we celebrated Easter as we have in the past. We attended a sunrise service. The kiddos were super excited because we allowed them to go in their pajamas since it was outside and a bit cool Sunday morning. They took along their snuggies and wore their fleece pajamas.  The service was beautiful and very touching. Afterward we headed to McDonald's for a quick breakfast before heading home to dawn our "Sunday best" Easter outfits.  The rest of this post sums up the morning.  Come back tomorrow for photos of the big Easter Egg Hunt of twenty twelve!
The loot!!
Even the Easter Bunny knows Emily loves elephants!
Tyler was happy to find a baseball themed basket! 
Shelby gave her basket a thumbs up!
She just LOOKS sweet, I promise!  ;)
Tyler is holding his "tough guy" pose!!
My three sweeties. 
Brien and the kiddos Easter Morning.
My sweetie and I on Easter Morning.
Me and my sweeties.

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