Monday, February 06, 2012

Valentine's Day Craft

This week leading up to Valentine's Day I am going to show you how crafty my family has decided to be this week with our Valentine's Day projects for school!  Today we are going to start with Shelby's Valentine's Day box.  She is super excited about this one as it can be used in the future for jewelry, etc. 

My 3rd grader had to create a collection box for her Valentines from her classmates.  She was very excited to come up with a "design" she liked.  We had a hard time finding a box that was appropriate for such a task!  We have a lot of  shoe boxes that don't have removable lids.  I dug in the bottom of my closet and finally found one.  While a bit large, it will serve it's purpose, and as mentioned above can be used after the party for whatever she chooses in her bedroom.

We started with a plain old shoe box...
Ready to bling this box out!!
After careful consideration, Shelby narrowed down her design to either owls, peace signs, or zebra print.  We decided to visit the local fabric store in town and see what sort of fabrics they had that we could possibly cover the box with.  This was in lieu of spray painting the box as we've done in the past. 

She found some awesome fur like zebra print material that she fell in love with.  So, we got enough to cover the box and lid separately so that she can remove the top to retrieve those Valentines from her classmates.  She also found a pink feather boa to make it even more awesome!!

After covering the box with the fabric and trimming it with the pink feather boa, this is what we had.  I also added her name since her classmates will need to be able to see that easily so they know who the box belongs to.  

We had also bought some "bling" for the box when we were at the fabric store.  I allowed Shelby to decide the placement of the rest of the decoration.  The final product looked as follows:
Shelby is very proud of her design.  It fits her personality to perfection. 
View of the back.
View of the front.

*Note, clicking on the photos will make them larger.

Check back tomorrow where I will show you Shelby's home made Valentines.  We decided to forgo the store bought boxed cards this year and make our own!  We found some cute ideas on pintrest.  The kids are super excited!!! 

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