Thursday, February 02, 2012

Are you a co-sleeping house?

Here's another funny demonstration for all of you co-sleeping families out there.  
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"Snow Angels" and "H is for Hell" are the two most popular when little Emily makes her way to our bed in the night.  Although "Jazz Hands" is common, most of the time she'll sling her arm over your face giving you a good slap most of the time!  All three of our kids start out in their own beds during the night, but every so often one (or more) of them will end up in our bed and I must say that more often than not, when they do I am just like the illustration in the photo, "The Dog House".  The couch is usually the most comfortable place to be when the bed gets overcrowded!

Thanks to Andy from How to Be A Dad for allowing me to post this here at CrAzY Working Mom!   Go check out his blog for a dose of "dadology", although he doesn't claim to be an expert, the posts I read are spot on from this Mommy's perspective! 

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Eager Runner said...

I love this!!! I'm gonna share it with my husband. Our littlest sleeps with us every night and prefers "H is for Hell".

Hope you've been well ~_~

Andy Herald said...

Hey there! I'm the artist who created this artwork. While I appreciate you sharing it on your website, I must ask for you to provide a linked credit to my website. Thanks!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Andy, I appreciate you stopping by and I do apologize for not linking back to you in the original post. Please accept my gratitude as well for allowing me to post it here! :) I have updated the post crediting the image to you! Again, many thanks for the laughs!!!