Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Elves Brought Snow!!!

What were those elves taking a peek at out the window, you ask??
My 3 year old daughter has asked for snow since the end of the summer.  Her birthday was on September 2 and she actually had snow on her birthday list!  Unfortunately we couldn't deliver then.  But, she is convinced that our elves, Simon-Peter and Noelle brought that snow as a gift from Santa straight from the North Pole!  Needless to say, she was very excited when she woke up to snow on the ground yesterday morning.  Unfortunately for them, it was the kind of snow that hardly covered the ground and it was too warm to hang around very long.  The roads were just wet, so they had to go to school.  But, it was still pretty to look at and a memory she won't soon forget since those elves brought her that snow! 

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Mr.Clive said...

if only i have snow at my place here.sadly,no.
ahh, it would be so nice to celebrate christmas with snow! :)

Anonymous said...

Our elf finally flew back to Santa today...he always stays late :) We still have no snow...the boys are getting a little crazy waiting to use their sleds.
Happy New Year!