Thursday, October 06, 2011

CrAzY For A Cure At Get Down Downtown

Hello friends!!  It has been a very busy time since school started back.  With school work, home work, office work, house you see a trend here.  Yes, me too...and I don't like it!  I am finally here cleaning out the cobwebs today at CrAzY Working Mom.  I never EVER thought I'd see the day where this blog wasn't being posted to at least once a week.  Facebook seems to have taken away some of my time (and traffic).  I know a lot of my bloggy friends feel the same way.  I have many facebook followers for this blog and it's just as easy to post a one liner there and slap a picture up as it is to post a long, detailed post here.  But, I feel it's necessary for this one.

I have posted before that I have a team for the Susan G Komen - Arkansas Race For The Cure.  We will be walking on Saturday morning, October 22, 2011 with a few thousand of our closest friends!!  Arkansas has the 3rd largest race in the nation.  Last year with the help of Hanes, I formed a team and we had such a tremendous response that I decided to do it again this year.  We're 15 days from race day and as of last count we were 31 team members strong!!  Last weekend we hosted a fund raiser at "Get Down Downtown" at the beautiful historic Main Street in Searcy, Arkansas.  We had a fabulous turn out and raised over $900 selling pink lemonade, cookies, and various "pink" items.  We also had wonderful donations from local vendors to give away as door prizes.  Pictures, you say?  Well, you know ya go!

The front of the booth.
Yard Stakes for sale - 100% of proceeds to the Komen Foundation.
"Pink" items for sale.
These were a hot ticket item!
"The Help"
As a team we've raised over $1,600 to help fund mammograms right here in the state of Arkansas!  It's been very exciting to do this alongside some of the best team mates a girl could ask for.  I just want to say a special thanks to those who helped work the booth, and especially those who helped set up and tear down.  It took lots of time and energy to do so and I could NEVER have done it along.  Mrs. Martha Black has also been a saint when it comes to our fund raising campaign.  She made many a phone calls and drove many miles to pick up donations.  Without her, we would never have been successful and we are so proud to have her as an honorary member of our team!!  I cannot wait to walk with these ladies on the 22.  We have a FABULOUS T-shirt design this year, although I'm not ready to make it public just yet because we're hoping to enter it into the T-shirt design contest!  Once it's submitted I will post it here for you to see.  It's adorable and the colors are going to be awesome!! 

If you're looking for a team to join, you don't have to live in Searcy.  You can click this link to join our team.  It's easy, and even if you're not able to walk and just want to be an honorary member, you can do that as well.  You will receive your official race T-shirt in the mail.  If you don't want to join our team, I hope you will consider donating at least $5 or $10.  Every little bit helps.  It takes $150 to fund a mammogram for someone who might not otherwise be able to have one.  You could potentially save a life with early detection.  Hope runs on heros.  Won't you put on your cape today and help out the Komen Foundation?  You can click this link to donate to our team!

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