Friday, May 06, 2011

My Sister is A Wiener, errr...ummm...I mean Winner!!!

I helped my niece enter her mom, my sister in a contest from the local news station, Today's THV - local CBS affiliate. The winner was chosen this morning and out of hundreds of entrants, Mandy's picture was picked to be the winner.

I took this photo last November when our daughters shared their birthday parties together at the skating rink. Mandy was helping Emily, my 2 year old go under the limbo stick. Keep in mind that neither of them had on skates! She did fall on her face, she hit her eye on the floor, but thankfully she wasn't hurt too bad. In fact, this photo was taken moments after the "crash".  I thought that since the contest was celebrating Mother's Day, it is only fair to post a photo of my mom.  Happy Mother's Day to you, sister.  Congrats!  Happy Mother's Day to you and Mom, I love you and hope you have a great day as well. 
Mandy Boone and Katie Dean (L)
Lana Higgins (Center)
Tisha and Shelby Black (R)

The following is a video of the television segment:  

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Anna said...

That's great! I think she'll change her mind about killing you considering the nice stuff she won. :D

Moody Mom said...

Love the photo and congrats to her!

Julie said...

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Amazing Gracie said...

Great timing!!! I wish my camera had a fast shutter like yours...
Emily is getting to be such a big girl and what a cutie!