Friday, April 15, 2011

Beth Moore Bound With My Siestas!!!!

PhotobucketI am so very blessed!  Tonight I will be attending a conference with the fabulous Mrs Beth Moore of Living Proof Ministries!!!  I will be there with a few thousand "siestas" as she so lovingly refers to her friends.  I am more than just a little excited to be attending this conference and I just can't wait.  Beth is coming home to her childhood home, Little Rock, Arkansas and she will be welcomed with open arms!!

Last night was a long night with lots of severe weather all around us.  Praise the Lord that our powerful God kept those storms away from my family and our home, but there were 7 (confirmed) families that were not so lucky, including a small boy in Bald Knob who was killed when a tree fell on his home as well as a woman and an 18 month old little girl who were killed the same way.  May the Lord embrace all of those affected by the storms in one way or another, be it property, homes, or lives lost.

I am tired, and still sporting some sort of sinus infection/allergy thing that has been rather trying to me, but I am super excited about spending the night praising and worshiping the Lord!!  I will be attending the conference with my sister by birth and four sisters in Christ.  We're going to spend the night at a hotel in Little Rock since we will be back at the conference for a half a day tomorrow.  I am looking forward to some "girl time" and some "God time"!!!  Since the women of our church are in the meat and potatoes of Beth's Fruit of the Spirit study right now I think that we are all looking forward to hearing her live in person!

PhotobucketBrien was lucky enough last night to travel with some other church family to Memphis, TN to attend a Third Day concert!!  Details of the concert can be found here.  He had a fabulous time at this show and said that it had to have been the best concert he'd ever attended.  Tenth Avenue North and Trevor Morgan were also there.  Hubby loves me so much he brought me back a Third Day T-shirt as well as CDs from all the acts who were at the show including Trevor Morgan whos acoustical set he really enjoyed.  What was most awesome about the concert was that after the show, they invited everyone to come to another smaller conference room in the church where all of the bands merged into one big acoustical jam!!!  What a fun time.  I hate that I missed out, but I didn't know if I would have been up to a concert on Thursday night (with a 6 hour drive there and back) and then the Beth Moore conference Friday night and half a day Saturday.

So, I hope you all have a very blessed weekend.  I will post more later about the conference.  I am very excited about it.  My bag is packed and I am counting down the minutes until time to leave!!

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