Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Rhea Lana's Children's Consignment Sale

Rhea Lana's of Searcy Children Consignment Event is NEXT WEEK!!
March 15-19 at The White County Fairgrounds located at 802 Davis Drive in Searcy, Arkansas. The event will Open daily at 10 AM. I have shopped this event before and NEVER leave disappointed. It's a great opportunity to get high quality clothes at bargain prices.

PhotobucketThis is the first year, however I have consigned. I am very excited about it. Normally I pass all of my children's clothes down to my little sister who has children younger than mine. But, my children are at the age now where I am not being given clothes anymore, so I am having to buy all new clothes, so I thought that I might as well take the clothes that are still in great shape and try to make a little bit of money from them to put toward the purchase of new clothes for my own children.

Just yesterday I had to take Tyler to buy a new pair of shoes. The kid is five years old and already in a size one shoe!! We bought him new shoes in January, size 13 and he has already outgrown them. The trouble with my son's clothes is that most of them are not in "consignable" condition! He wears them out. There are a few shirts and jeans that we will put in the sale because they were either church clothes or he outgrew them so fast he never really wore them.

I still have a lot to do between now and Saturday to get the clothes priced and tagged, but so I had better get busy. This is what I have left. There are 37 pair of jeans in that tote along with several shirts and lots of shoes, receiving blankets, and miscellaneous baby items that we no longer need.

I will also be pricing these baby toys that Emily no longer plays with. She was not happy when she saw that I had removed them from her room. She insisted that she still wanted them, but when I told her she could take the money we make from selling those toys and buy her new ones, she was quickly on board and tried going to her room to bring me more!

Are you consigning at this event, or have you consigned at events past? It seems like lots of work, so I am hoping that all of this hard work has paid off. I know that right now my house is a cluttered mess with all of the things that still need to be priced, but hopefully once it is all gone it will not return and I'll gather a nice check at the end of the sale!

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katia said...

Selling old things you don't need anymore is a great idea, and a good chance to declutter your house!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Thanks, Katia. I am looking forward to it. I just hope I don't end up bringing home more new things than I end up getting rid of. *LOL*