Thursday, March 31, 2011

If it's quiet, you know they are doing something they shouldn't!

Emily and Tyler had been playing in Tyler's room. They do a lot of that. Tyler is 5 and Emily is 2. They get along so well (most of the time) and when it got quiet in Tyler's bedroom, I knew something was not right. If you have children, you know that we complain when they are loud and worry when they are quiet! I peeked into Tyler's room and this is what I saw:


Yes, that is an economical size of shampoo AND conditioner! She had layered generous amounts of each not only on her head, but also on the car track that she was (not supposed to be) sitting on! Needless to say she got a bath and there was enough soap in her hair to wash her entire body.

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Mo said...

Oh this made me laugh!
Watch out for the "too quiets!"

Kim said...

hehehehe You know...I hate the quite as well but cherish what I usually find. Of course that's after I've had time to reflect back on it. :)

Patti said...

How funny! You'll love looking back on these photos, and these times.