Thursday, December 02, 2010

Emily Grace

PhotobucketMy two year old, Emily is sure quite the little talker these days! She has such a fun personality that she is always coming up with something to catch me off guard. I call her my little mocking bird because she repeats EVERYTHING she hears. Tyler and Shelby both attend AWANA, a Wednesday night program aimed at teaching children biblical truths while having fun and enjoying fellowship of other Christian children. They are memorizing Bible verses and one this week was, "The Father send his Son to be the Savior of the World." 1st John 4: 14. Emily was coloring at the kitchen table while the older kids were doing homework and she started quoting this memory verse! Word for word, my two year old daughter was quoting scripture. The same daughter who brought me to tears with a heart felt prayer at bed time.

She also asked me this week if I would find her on Facebook! Yup, my 2 year old daughter knows Facebook. I'm sure if she was given the opportunity she could probably open up the laptop, tap a few keys and pull it up! (Okay, maybe not now but at the rate she's going it won't be long!!!)

She tells me to "Chill Out" when I ask her to do something and she's not quite ready to do it. She's a pro at crossing her arms, putting her hands on her hips, or stomping away angrily! Oh yes, you read correctly!!! She's learning quite nicely from her 8 year old sister, Shelby.

My sweet little mocking bird, Emily is growing up so quickly...I don't want to miss a minute of it.  Here's a sneak peek of her dancing while watching The Ellen Degeneres Show.

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Moody Mom said...

Watch out she seems a little like Bear and Bear is a little sassy!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Sass with a capital S!!!

Becca said...

Adorable! You should try to send that to Ellen!!

Crazy Working Mom said...


I submitted it via her website as well as tagging her on Facebook. I thought it was too funny!