Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Simon-Peter Day 2

So, today was Simon-Peter's first full day on duty at the Black household. In case you missed it, Simon-Peter is our new friend, from The Elf on a Shelf family. He was sent to us from Santa to help keep an eye on the kiddos during the day and report back to Santa at night. It's a great idea and my kids are having so much fun!!! This morning, Shelby jumped out of bed and when she realized that the pixie elf was not in the same place that we'd left him, she excitedly recruited her siblings to help her find him! They spotted him in the Christmas tree.


When we returned from school, they were shocked to find Simon-Peter hanging from a light fixture! They were curious as to why he had moved. It wasn't night time. He didn't have to fly back to the North Pole to report their behavior to Santa until they were why was he moving during the day? We determined that he must be slipping off to check on them at school!!! Wow, this could be harder than they thought...they seemed to think his magic only worked at home. Hmmm...

This evening as we returned from church, Simon-Peter had yet again re-located himself! He was no longer on the light fixture, but a candle sconce on top of the entertainment center! He seems to be quite the little mover. With three kids to watch over, (believe me I can relate) I think he's got his work cut out for himself!

We are looking forward to more reports from our little Elf on a Shelf, Simon-Peter. If you haven't found yours yet, what are you waiting for?! Traditions have to begin somewhere.  Where do you think Simon-Peter will turn up tomorrow?

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