Monday, November 15, 2010

Shopping Time!

PhotobucketI got a jump start on my Christmas shopping over the weekend!!  Normally we are the family that is scrambling last minute to buy gifts.  This year while my husband was gone traipsing around in the deer woods stalking Bambi's Mom and Dad, my oldest daughter and I decided to head to the mall and do some shopping.  We had a great time and got quite a bit of Christmas shopping under our belts.  School teachers gifts are bought.  We also got lots of great deals for several folks on our shopping list.  So, how far along are you with your Christmas shopping?  If not, when do you start?

We don't have our Christmas tree up just yet.  We always wait until after Christmas at least to put up the tree.  Since Shelby's birthday is November 29, we usually wait until after then to put up the tree so not to detract from her special day.  It's exciting to know that we'll actually have gifts to put under there once we get the tree up!  So, what are your Christmas tree rituals?  Is there a certain time you put it up and when do you take it down?

First things first, though...THANKSGIVING!!!  I can't wait!!

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