Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Kindergartner

PhotobucketMy middle child and only son is in Kindergarten this year.  It was a tough transition for him at first.  He cried for the first few weeks and begged me to walk him into school.  He has now moved to being dropped off with his big sister at the curb.  I get a smile and a wave each morning and, when I'm lucky, a peck on the cheek and a hug as he hops out of the van and heads in to class.  It's refreshing to see him growing and gaining confidence.

I do think that I need to buy his teacher some new pens for Christmas, though as she's using so much ink correcting his papers.  "Tyler, this is not good work!!!  FOCUS!!!" and "You're just making marks!" are a few of the comments that we've had in the last weeks as he's been working on writing his alphabet.

It's not ALL bad, though.  He does come home with his hand stamped (which means he stayed out of trouble) most of the time.  So, we're quick to praise him when this happens.  He actually brought home a note from the librarian last week saying that he DIDN'T get into trouble in the library.  This brings me to question how many times he's been in trouble in the library.  If she's compelled to send me a note home that he has been good, then chances are it's a rare occasion, wouldn't you think???

It's just so funny how he and Shelby are polar opposites.  Shelby gets upset if she gets a stern look from a teacher.  Tyler, on the other hand has only been in school for a few months and gotten in trouble more times than Shelby has in her entire 3 years there.

In other news, in honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, Tyler had to "dress" a naked turkey.  He was excited to work on it.  We decided to make a "hunting" turkey.  We camoflauged him up and added an orange vest as well as an orange cap, the much needed accessories:  his rifle, a knife, water canteen, binoculars, and call.  Tyler also added some scenery around the turkey for personalization.  It's quite different from the "Princess Turkey" Shelby made in Kindergarten, but it is totally fitting for his personality.

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"Lois Grebowski" said...

I'm totally loving the turkey! How clever!!!! Great job, Tyler!

richies said...

The hunting turkey is awesome!

An Arkies Musings

Crazy Working Mom said...

Thanks, guys. I'll pass it along to the little man. He was pretty proud as well. ;)