Sunday, November 28, 2010


This has been a wonderfully blessed week.  I am so thankful that I have such a loving and wonderful family.  Unfortunately we've had a sickness hit us.  Brien is on the couch as we speak...well, as I speak.  He cannot.  His voice is gone.  Emily has a terrible cough as well as a runny nose and the other two do as well.  She comes to me and tells me that her nose "is leaking"!  We'll have to see if we can find a good plumber (maybe her daddy???) to fix that!  Thankfully I am well.  I am keeping the hand sanitizer close by and contemplating getting some hospital masks!

Right now I am sitting in the recliner drinking a hot cup of coffee and I was contemplating the fact that if I drink coffee after breakfast, that I consider myself old.  I remember my Mom used to drink coffee all day long and I thought it was so strange.  Now, I am "strange" I guess.  I was cleaning up the kitchen after lunch and I just thought that a hot cup of french vanilla coffee would hit the spot.  So, I brewed a pot just for myself!

PhotobucketI did not do any "Black Friday" shopping this year.  In fact, I don't plan on ever doing it.  I think it's just crazy!  In my humble opinion, you generally tend to get what you pay for.  Most of the time those "bargains" aren't really bargains after all.  I have began my Christmas shopping, but still have some to do.  Shelby and I did have a "girl's day" yesterday.  We went to the mall and she made a Build-A-Bear.  She got a Christmas outfit for her new friend, Sara as well as a Rapunzel dress and wig as we were going to go see the movie Tangled.  It was a GREAT movie and I plan to write a review (fingers crossed!!) later on this week.  Tomorrow I will draw for the winner of the Tangled contest as well.  I have NOT forgotten. 

We did put up our Christmas tree on Friday.  We also hung the stockings, but didn't do much else along the lines of decorating.  So, once I'm finished I will post a picture of our tree.  I need to wrap some gifts and put them under the tree also!   I am so excited about the holiday season this year!!!  We have so many fun traditions and many more to make.  What are some of your favorite things about the holidays?

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Moody mom said...

Sorry you had sick kids. Glad you got to spend the day with Shelby. Sounds like you guys had a blast. Rebecca loves to go to Build-a- Bear and has about 9 animals in her collection but would love to go anytime if you guys would like to go again. She also wants to see tangled, was it good?
I don't do Black Friday either.
As far as the Christmas decor, maybe I will get them up before Christmas actually gets here. I did shampoo the carpets today - that I have been trying to do for about five months now.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Moody Mom -
Well, next time we are up that way I will have to give you a shout! :) Need to get your number. Tangled was AWESOME!!! I would gladly watch it again. Shelby and I both enjoyed it. Hadn't laughed so hard at a movie in a long time. Congrats on Shampooing the carpets. Ya wanna come do mine?! You'll just have to work around the Christmas tree! *LOL*

Anonymous said...

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