Thursday, October 21, 2010

Looking @ The Sky on Friday


rainbow,Looking at the Sky on Friday
God's Promise
We got some MUCH NEEDED rain on Tuesday. As I was taking the kids in to school this was shining down on us. What a blessing the rain was. It was much needed and reminded me of God's love for us. Something I needed to reflect on for sure.

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10 comments, add yours here:

Misty Dawn said...

A rainbow!!! I ♥ rainbows!!!

We're supposed to have rain all weekend. I'm OK with the rain, because we haven't had any in a while (finally had days without)... but why does it have to be on my weekend?!?!

Kramer said...

Thanks for the rainbow!

Ralph said...

It appears as if the rainbow fell from heaven, the soft colors falling against the angry gray sky - always a great find after a storm. Beautiful!

Anna said...

I love rainbows!

God has been putting them in the sky ever since He promised Noah that He wouldn't flood the whole earth again. How cool is that? :)

Liz said...

What a beautiful rainbow!

Liz @ A Simple Life

Tammy said...

Opps I totally forgot to sign in. :o(

Race said...

I just love your shot Tisha! That's a very beautiful rainbow and you're right that's God's promise!

Rocks said...

hey! it's my first time to join :) and hope you like my first!

Linda said...

Gorgeous! I managed to get a few rainbow pictures when we were up in Maine but I don't think they came out anywhere near as nice as this one!

Eden said...

Very nice capture!
Have a great weekend.