Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CrAzY Working Mom, that's me!!!

These days it seems like the only time I get to relax is if I can slip off to the restroom when no one's watching! Seriously, life is so crazy for us right now that I cannot imagine how hard it will be once Emily starts school. I had to break down and buy a day planner because I was forgetting too many things. I try to keep everything in my calendar on my blackberry so that I will always have it at my fingertips as well because I don't usually go anywhere without it. Every single day last week was filled with something. After a 9 hour drive back from Texas, I had field trips to the fire station two days in a row. Once with my 2nd grader and once with my Kindergartner. Saturday was the Race For The Cure followed by a birthday party for my nephew. It's never ending with school activities, after school activities, church functions, doctor and dental appointments, etc. I am so very blessed to have a family to keep me busy. What would I do otherwise?!?!

Maybe enjoy something like this?!?!
Naaaa...fuhgetaboutit!!! Back to reality. It's almost time to go pick the kids up from school!!!

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Anonymous said...

Have you considered the fact that this might work another way? I am wondering if anyone else has come across something
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