Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I've gone from being quoted by my children to CNN!

Yours truly was quoted in an article in Parenting Magazine. As it turns out, said article has been featured on CNN's Top Stories in the Living Section! The article is When to have your 2nd or 3rd kid? Article highlights include: spacing kids include two-under-two, three years apart, and four years or more. Each split has its own benefits and drawbacks. Some moms want to replicate the tight bonds they have with their brothers or sisters.  In the article, I shared a time when Tyler tried to give Emily goldfish snacks when she was only a few weeks old. 

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Linda said...

WOW! Way to go! That's pretty darned awesome!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Thanks! I didn't even know 'till a friend told me that I was on CNN's Top Stories and I was like....WHAAAAAAAAT!?!?!? *LOL*

Amazing Gracie said...

Gee, how cool is that!!! Keep it up and you're gonna be a mommy star!

Dayngr | Dayngrous Discourse said...

I can say I knew you when... =)