Monday, September 20, 2010

Conversations With Emily

My two year old daughter, Emily is quite a little talker these days.  She just came from her room where she got her a diaper wipe and proceeded to wipe her nose with it.  She removes it from her face and then informs me that her nose is "leaking".


Shortly after this she hopped on her brother's back as he was lying on the floor and told him to "giddy-up".  As he rode her around the living room, she sang "Old McDonald Had A Farm....E.I.E.I.O!!!

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And Miles To Go... said...

so cute, and she's getting SO BIG!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Thanks! Indeed she is getting bit, and developing quite the personality!

Patti said...

I can see she has quite the personality ;-)
it comes right off the computer screen at me!

Mel Cole said...

Aww, she's that was a cute scene of her playing with her brother. I like her red dress. BTW, congratulations for being one of the winners in Letters to God giveaway in I’m one of them too. Just so you know how I got here in your blog. Are you interested in exchanging links? Just let me know if you’re ready. Hope you’ll join my giveaways too.