Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mistaken Identity -Tish vs Trish

Today when I dropped Tyler off at school he did great!  There were actually NO tears.  That was such a blessing.  I volunteer at the school on Tuesday mornings and he was excited that I was going to be helping out his teacher.  As we walked into school this morning someone said to him, "Hey Taylor!"  He just waved at them and then I laughed and asked him if that kid called him by the wrong name.  He chuckled and confirmed that indeed he did.

I told him that when someone calls him by the wrong name he should correct them.  My name is Tisha (well, actually Latichia but I go by Tisha for short) and people are all the time calling me T-R-isha.  There is NO R but folks all of the time insist on adding that R.  Their excuse 90% of the time is that they know a "Trisha" so that name just comes out.  Most of the time I do not correct them either.  I realized that I told him to do something that I, myself do not do most of the time! So, I've decided that I would like to make a conscious effort to correct people when they call me "Trish".

I remember being out with my sister one time and someone whom I had known for a long time called me Trish and I did not correct them.  My sister asked me why and I just shrugged my shoulders and said that they had always called me the wrong name and I had just learned to live with it.  By now if I correct them they would still probably not call me the right name anyhow!  

Although I know it will make for an awkward situation for those who have mistakenly called me by the wrong name for a long time I want to live by my own rules, so if I tell Tyler (NOT Taylor) to do something, I should expect to do it myself, right?  Right!

So, what names have you been mistakenly called?

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Anonymous said...

well the funniest name I've been called was, instead of Bridget, Bird Sh%t, intentional, I'm sure :) But always I'm mistaken for a Gretchen.

Anonymous said...

I usually try to correct people too,but sometimes it does no good whatsoever...


My daughter Kyla=Kayla...no matter how many times I have corrected they will say what they want to,I guess.LOL

Kara said...

My name is pronounced Care-uh, but I often get called Car-uh.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Bridget, I was called "Tissue" by mean kids (including my sister!!!) when I was growing up!

I think you're right...sometimes it's just no use!!!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Kara, I can imagine.
When I was in school the teachers didn't even try to pronounce my real name (Latichia). They would just say, Ms Higgins 'till they learned my name! *LOL*

Becca / SingleWhiteDiabetic said...

I still, to this day, get people that decide they want to call me Becky. THAT IS NOT MY NAME! Rebecca, Becca, Bec...that's enough options!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Heh, it's like T"R"ish...close to the original, but not close enough! *LOL*

Desert Songbird said...

I get called "Diane" a lot. Don't know why; not REALLY like my real name. My husband's grandmother used to call me "Carol" for some strange reason. When she got our wedding invitation, she was wondering why her grandson was marrying someone else!