Friday, August 20, 2010

Kindergarten Day 2

Drop off this morning wasn't much better than it was yesterday. In fact, I will go out on a limb and say it was a bit worse. Yesterday he didn't start crying until he got in the classroom. This morning, he started crying as soon as we got in line to go inside. He tried bargaining with me. He wanted me to come pick him up early and he'd stop crying. I assured him that I would be there waiting on him when he got out of class but I was not going to pick him up early. He then asked me if I would go in his class and stand by the door. If I would do that he'd stop crying. I knew that bargaining with him would only make matters worse and he'd end up doing this every day. So, I stood firm that he was going to be okay there and his teacher would take care of him and he'd have fun but I could not stay. I did not go in the classroom today because I knew that was only prolonging the inevitable by doing so. He was crying and he would not stop as long as I was there. So, when the teacher took his hand from mine, I turned and walked away leaving a sobbing little boy. Inside I was falling apart but on the outside I was as cold as ice. I could not let him see me upset. I think that is what made things harder for him yesterday. I had broken down when I dropped Emily off at the daycare and he went in to say goodbye to his (former) teachers. But today he would not see me cry. He'd only see me walk away with a promise that I would be there waiting on him this afternoon when he gets out.

This is a picture his teacher sent me via text message telling me that he was fine (and smiling) about 8:30 so he didn't cry as long as he did yesterday (until 9).

He didn't speak much about his day yesterday only that nap time was okay because it wasn't very long. They didn't nap as long there as they did at daycare so he was okay with it. He made some friends on the playground and had a great time!

Shelby LOVES her 2nd grade teacher. She went on and on about how much they had in common.  They both like to sing, dance, and read!  She loves the classroom which is set up like a circus.  There's even a tent that you can go into to read.  I am really excited about this year and I think that Shelby's enthusiasm will show in her grades!  I can't wait to see how much fun she has in class throughout the year.

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Kelly said...

Does Tyler have Amy Wood? I noticed the paw prints in the background and I know that's what she did her room in! She's WONDERFUL! Emma had her last year! We love Mrs. Amy!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Yes, Kelly he does have Ms Amy!!! We're super excited about that. EVERYONE ♥ Ms Amy, right?!?!

Kelly said...

Her parents live across the street from me! We love the whole family! Emma got Mrs. Cook this year, and we're loving her!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Shelby had her Mom last year in 1st grade. She's awesome too. My niece had Ms Cook. Don't know her but she seems really nice. :)

Patois said...

Reading this brings back memories of my youngest starting school three years ago. Here's hoping it gets easier for him very quickly. (And for you, too!)