Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Before She Eats

In my previous post, I touched a little bit on healthy eating. It's a daily struggle for myself and my family to stay on the right track and eat healthy because we live such busy lives. It's difficult to buy healthy foods when you're on the go so much but we try. It's just easier to pack up some fruit snacks in the diaper bag than actual fresh fruit.

Weight loss (or lack thereof) is a constant struggle for me. I yo-yo so much on my weight and I know that is not healthy. But, it seems like I'm either dieting real hard or NONE at all. It's something I need to gain control of. I can sit around and talk about it all day, but actually setting goals and sticking to them is my downfall. I have to take the reins and get back to the healthy lifestyle. Not only can I feel it in the waistline but I also feel it emotionally and physically. Being fatigued is no fun and it makes it even worse when you're eating things that aren't good for your body or your energy level!

I came across this video today and it reminded me so much of myself I wanted to post it here for you to see. Anita Renfroe is so funny and if you haven't heard her comedy, you're in for a real treat when you do! Sit back, relax and have a laugh! Then go grab a carrot stick and a glass of water. ;)

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