Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Gerber Graduates Preschooler Snacks - A Review

My kids and I recently teamed up with the folks at Gerber to sample a few products from their Gerber Graduates line. On the menu were Gerber Graduates Preschooler Snacks.

Gerber Graduates for Preschoolers Fruit Twists
"Fruit Twists are real fruit snacks that are perfect for on the go snacking – best of all they are made with 99% real concentrated fruit and juice and provide ½ of a preschooler serving of fruit per twist as well as 25% of the daily preschooler amount of antioxidant vitamin C. The great thing about these Fruit Twists, is that your child can pull them apart and eat one flavor at a time, or eat them both at once, combining the two flavors. Either way, your child can choose what they like best!"
What we thought:
PhotobucketMy children LOVE fruit snacks.  This was a pure treat for them.  They all loved the fruit twists.  They come in two flavors:  Strawberry and Grape as well as Apple and Strawberry.  The Strawberry and Grape seemed to be the crowd pleaser at my house.  Of course I don't believe that this should take the place of fruit in your home, but if you're on the go as much as we are, they will easily fit in the diaper bag and you'll have a great, healthy snack for any trip you're taking. A five pack will cost around $2.99 so they are a bit pricier than the store brand snacks, but reading the ingredients might steer you toward the Gerber brand. This was by far the favorite of my children! 

Photobucket Gerber Graduates for Preschoolers Cereal Twists

"Cereal Twists are made with whole grains and two flavored yogurt fillings. Each cereal bar is individually wrapped for convenient on-the-go snacking and comes in three delicious flavors: Strawberry Blueberry, Banana Peach and Raspberry Vanilla."

What we thought: 
The kids didn't like these as much as I did! If you've ever eaten the Nutra-Grain type bars these are similar in texture and taste. Emily (age 19 months) enjoyed them but my 4 and 7 year old passed on them very quickly and asked for more Fruit Twists!

PhotobucketGerber Graduates for Preschoolers Chewy Granola Bars
"Chewy Granola bars are made with whole grain rolled oats and wheat flakes for a unique soft texture that preschoolers love – they’re naturally flavored and provide 10% daily value for 4 vitamins and minerals. They have 6g of whole grains per bar and have no preservatives or artificial flavors."
What we thought:
These bars were also a hit with the kids.  We tried the apple cinnamon and the strawberry.  Shelby especially loved this product.  Since she takes her lunch to school daily, I am constantly struggling to find healthy snacks that she can transport easily in her lunch box.  We've tried other granola bars and usually she's not a big fan.  She really liked these.

The Bottom Line:
All in all, the Gerber Graduates for Preschoolers line are a good alternative snack.  Lets face it, as parents we'd much rather see our children snacking on a granola bar than a chocolate bar!  By keeping such snacks handy, we're teaching our children to make good choices when snacking and setting a standard which they will carry with them from childhood into their adult life.  Who knew that choosing snacks for your children could play such an important role in their future?!  For more information on Gerber Graduates and other Gerber lines, you can click here.

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