Thursday, April 01, 2010

Today is the Tomorrow You Looked Forward to Yesterday

A Four Year Old's Fun With Food Coloring!
My 4 year old son, Tyler was so excited yesterday because at preschool they were preparing for an egg hunt by coloring hard boiled eggs.  His teacher (you gotta love preschool teachers who have the guts to let 30 or so 4 & 5 year olds play in food coloring!)  posted this photo on Facebook (I hope she doesn't mind me swiping it to post here) showing him knuckle deep in the dye preparing his eggs.  He informed me when I picked him up that his eggs were "cool".  One was green AND blue.  They also got to eat one.  He really loved that part. 

When we got home yesterday we kept talking about tomorrowTomorrow will be the Easter Egg Hunt.  We are excited about tomorrow.  You've got to get to bed early so you'll be rested for tomorrow.  Okay, so that last one was a stretch, but a girl can dream can't she?

This morning when he woke up he boldly asked me..."Mommy, is today finally tomorrow?!"

I knew exactly what he meant, so I just smiled and replied, "Why, yes it is!"

**So, what sort of egg coloring kits (if any) do you use with your children?  What are their ages?  I am doing another television segment tomorrow and I would love to have your feedback on this.** 

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Sandee said...

Is it finally tomorrow? That's adorable. I'm guessing he's just a bit excited about this. Bwahahahahaha. Kids are so fun.

Love your new header picture.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

earn money at home said...

I love coloring eggs! I work from home creating party favors and today I took the day off to participate in Easter activities with my daughter. We just bought a store bought kit to color our eggs; however, I had to do most of the coloring because my daughter is only 2. She did help though. We tried to make some tye dyed eggs by dipping one half in one color and the other half in another color. After we were finished, my daughter carried the basket of eggs around the house for about a half hour. Oh so cute!